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Commercial Roofing

Commercial Roofing from Homestead Roofing Springfield MOThere’s no way around it: a commercial building needs a good, solid roof to protect the occupants and the furnishing insides.

For commercial roofing in Springfield, MO and the surrounding area, we often recommend a stone coated metal roof. Both beautiful and practical, stone coated metal roofing lasts longer than conventional roofing and is weather and fire resistant  and surprisingly lightweight. It is also low maintenance and very durable, which will minimize costly maintenance and repairs. And this roofing material is also highly energy efficient, so there can be very good energy cost savings, as well. We use only Varitile, Boral Steel and Decra Stone Coated Metal Roofing Systems, to ensure top quality materials. And our trained, professional crews will provide exceptional installation services. Of course we’re licensed and fully insured.

Available in a wide variety of colors and styles, stone coated metal roofing is manufactured to look like wood shakes, ceramic tiles, slate tiles and traditional shingles. It’s easy to find a style and color that adds visual appeal to your building.

Stone coated metal roofing is commonly used on commercial buildings, churches, multi-family housing, housing communities, hotels, and civic buildings.

ChurchesCommercial Roofing Springfield MO Church Example

Churches are often owned by members who must cover repair costs of the building. Because this roofing material never rots, warps, breaks or splits, it will give you a lifetime of service. Protect your place of worship with a roof you can trust.


Commercial Roofing Example HotelWhen curb appeal counts, stone coated metal roofing offers a handsome and long-lived solution that provides energy efficiency, durability, weather protection and fire resistance. You will feel confident in your roofing, know these roofing materials created with a Class A fire rated system, adding to the safety of your building and your guests. Your insurance company will appreciate the hail and ice impact protection that’s built into stone coated metal roofing  (ask us about the warranties) and your guests will feel like they are driving up to premium lodgings when they view your building.

Business Buildings

Homestead Roofing Springfield MO Commercial Office BuildingAn attractive building makes tenants look prosperous, and will, in fact, attract a better class of tenants, as well as more upscale customers. Civic buildings and schools may also benefit from the safety features, energy savings, and money saved on roof repair and replacement.

We invite you to contact us today for a free inspection and estimate on a stone coated metal roof for your commercial building. We replace existing roofs and build roofs for new construction.