There are plenty of metal roof colors to choose from! We install metal roofs from several different vendors, and they each have their own palette to choose from. With so many different colors of metal roofing, our customers can select the perfect color to complement the exterior of their homes.

It might seem obvious and simple, but there really is an art to choosing the right roof style and color for your home.

Truthfully, the styles won't be affected much by color choice. Some styles might look a bit different in one color or another. But generally speaking, most colors will work with most styles. Because there are so many options to choose from, it may be hard to decide on a final color for your roof.

We either carry, or can order, virtually any color our suppliers carry. You'll notice that many of the colors offered by our different vendors have different names. But  you can see that they are close variations on the same shade or blend of colors.

And here's the reason roofing colors tend to be muted: brighter colors do tend to fade more quickly.

We're always happy to work with you to select the right profile and color roofing materials for your home.

To see what's available, check our our suppliers' pages. Boral Steel, Decra, and Varitile all create excellent metal roofing products available in a very wide color palette. From golds and earthtones, to rusts and reds, greens, grays and black, you're sure to find a color that's just perfect.