Our favorite metal roofing is stone coated steel. Stone coated metal roofing is made of coated, rigid steel panels. There are several coating layers, including galvanized zinc-aluminum alloy, acrylic primers, proprietary coatings of ceramic and ceramic coated stone granules.

Durable, lightweight, fire and weather resistant, this roofing system is designed to last years longer than conventional roofing. And these days, metal roofing is extremely attractive, available  in a pleasing variety of styles and colors.

Because of durability and safety features, metal roofing is the only material Homestead Roofing uses for commercial projects. We also recommend it to homeowners who want to upgrade their existing roof to a first-class residential metal roof. Not only is it good looking and durable, but the metal roof warranty is fully transferable, adding further value when you’re selling your home.

arrow Lighter Than Composition Or Wood Shake Roof

Stone coated metal roofing, surprisingly, weighs less than many other materials. Select styles that look just like wood shakes, granite, tile or barrel vault tile, and you still have a roof weighing less than the natural materials. This is an important feature, as settling, which causes cracks in walls and ceilings, is encouraged by  stress on framing and trusses. So metal roofing gives you the look you want, with considerably less weight.

arrow Fire Resistance Adds Safety

These metal roofing panels are held by an interlocking fastening system. The fastening system prevents the roofing from lifting.  The steel panels themselves can’t combust, and because they don’t lift up, they keep the roof deck safe from airborne burning cinders or fireworks. Specific, tested underlayments are installed where Class A roofs are mandated.

arrowWeather Resistance Means Much Longer Roof Life

The interlocking fastening system that holds the roof panels from lifting also keeps them in place during freeze/thaw cycles that can loosen other types of roofing. And metal panels are not water absorbent, and also shed snow. Studies showed that even when struck by large hailstones, the panels did not show damage. A stone coated metal roof resists even very high winds,  and will not split, break, crack, curl or warp.

arrow An Environmentally Sound Choice

Steel can be recycled endlessly without degradation, and is 100% recyclable. These roofing systems can be installed directly over existing roofs, and that means  less material to clog up the landfill.

Homestead Roofing uses only top quality Varitile, Boral and Decra products for metal roofing in MO. If you’re ready for roofing that lasts a lifetime, contact us today.


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