DaVinci Single Width slate roof


Homestead Roofing is proud to offer Davinci Roofscape products for the discriminating home or business owner.

DaVinci Roofscape tiles are made in Lenexa, KS, which saves energy and transportation costs. The tiles are made of virgin resins for sustainabilty, and they are 100% recyclable.

Even better, these roofs are virtually maintenance-free and backed by a Lifetime Limited Material Warranty. They'll last far longer than traditional roofing materials.

Luxury at a Reasonable Cost

Whether you choose shake style or slate style, your DaVinci Roofscape will provide you decades of maintenance-free, beautiful style. Your roof is a big part of your home's curb appeal, and a DaVinci roof will complement any architectural style.

DaVinci slate roofing saves the cost of real slate, which is prone to breakage and cracking during install, weights substantially less than stone slate, and helps avoid the ecosystem damage quarrying can cause.

The shake roofing saves trees, and offers a class A fire rating while mimicking the look of real wood.

Every Shingle Style Offers Value and Looks Great

Single width slate shingles provides a lower overall cost because of uniform size and fast installation.

Multiwidth shingles give you the look and durability of natural slate shingles, further enhancing the unique character of your home.

Bellaforte shingles have the appearance and beauty of natural slate at a lower cost than you would have thought possible.

♦ Single width shakes are elegant, cost-effective and easy to install. They replicate natural cedar shakes.

♦ Multiwidth shakes are  hand split polymer cedar shakes that looks like natural wood.

Bellaforte shakes are 12" shakes that look like hand-split jumbo cedar shakes, with slanted sawn edges and staggered lengths. Competitively priced and durable.

♦ Fancy shakes appear extremely realistic, as each tile is formulated from different wood tones for a natural color variance.

davinci single width slate
Davinci Single Width Slate
davinci multi-width slate
DaVinci Multiwidth Slate
davinci bellaforte slate
DaVinci Bellaforte Slate
davinci single width shake
Davinci Single Width Shake
davinci multi width shake
DaVinci Multiwidth Shake
DaVinci Fancy Shake
DaVinci Fancy Shake
davinci bellaforte shake
DaVinci Bellaforte Shake


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